The armwrestler from Solitude


Heidi Andersson, 11 times World champion in armwrestling, is giving lectures, presentations and instructions all over the world.

– If you want me to take part in this exhibition, have questions, other ideas etc, do not hesitate to contact me.

Heidi Andersson, 11 times armwrestling World Champion
Tfn: +46 (0) 70 201 68 80
Höjdvägen 24G SE-923 31 Storuman SWEDEN

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Heidi Andersson, Armwrestler, entrepreneur (own company PTEH AB), and armwrestling  instructor.

Age: Born 1981

Weight: 65kg

Length: 170 cm

Comes from: a small village called Ensamheten (Solitude, the Loneliness) with 12  inhabitants (They are all my relatives)  situated in north part of Sweden in Lapland.Right now Heidi is living in Storuman 10 kilometers from the Solitude together with my husband Björn Ferry and son Dante (born 2011)

Started: at sitting tables in the age of eleven (1992)

Hobbies: Train, work with the company and carry dreams into effect!

World Champion:
2014Vilnius, Lithuania (left & right arm)
2011 – Almaty, Kazakstan -70kg
2010 – Mesquite, Las Vegas, USA -70kg (left)
2009 – Rosolina Di Mare, Italien -65kg
2008 – Kelowna, Canada, -60kg
2004 – Durban, Sydafrika, -65kg
2003 – Ottawa, Kanada, -65kg
2002 – Springfield, USA, -60kg
2000 – Rovaniemi; Finland, -60kg
1999- Tokyo, Japan, -60kg

Traning: I do all my trainingprograms by my own. I train armwrestling together withe the students in the armwrestlingschool in Storuman, lifting weights, climbing in ropes etc.

Dreams about: become a world-class planetary caretaker!

Final right arm 2014 – world championship in Vilnius, Lithuania.


The nearness in the Loneliness

I have grown up in a small Swedish village in Lapland called Ensamheten (“the Solitude”). When my father was young he avoided as much as he could to say that he come from the village Solitude, so he didn’t need to explain anything.  I have always done the opposite and emphasized my parentage, since I’m proud of the Solitude.

The thought fascinate me that right here, in the Solitude people have in generations been drudged, fought, cried and laughed. When I rove the woods and walking on the same paths as they once did, I’m filled with what most closely can be described as primordial power. They are my ancestors, my roots and I carry a small part of them inside me.

I grew up among people with an ecological view of life who highly appreciate quality of life and responsibility. An ecological view of life is obviously about the preservation of the earth and its natural wealth, but also about the human being and its actions. A human with an ecological view of life wants the humans to abandon their artificial world, open their eyes and see the fantastic natural world. Maybe more people would feel in harmony with themselves and also understand how important it is that we preserve and defend our environment if they only gave the joy of discovery a chance.

-What is most important to you? Maybe it is that all humans appreciate equal or that the ones you love will stay healthy, and of course it’s very important and something I appreciate highly, but what happens if you can’t breath fresh air and drink pure water and if the protecting ozone around our globe would cease to exist? If that happens, everything will become meaningless, because then we can’t live in this world. We are a great drain on our world irrespective of we want it our not, because the system we are born into is built up on consumption of material things and maximal use of the resources on earth, but who has said that we should swallow it all? We can all have an influence on our own situation in life, provided that we have the will to do it.

You can’t save the world on your own, but you can’t just sit down and give up and defend yourself with that everything is too big and superior for the small human. There is so much vi can change if we just want to, both when it comes to ourselves and the world around us. A beautiful thought is that if everyone started with themselves, and what they could change in their own ways of living to create a better and more healthy world, the world would be guaranteed to improve.

We all have a need to be somebody. Identity and to be of part of something is important and I am and will always deep down, in the heart of hearts be a “Solituder”. Wherever in the world I will go, and whatever happens I always know that I can return to The Solitude. The Solitude is much more than a small village, a place – it’s a spirit of understanding, a lifestyle, closeness and love. The future tempts and I’m dreaming about building an ecological house one day in a beautiful place in the Reality with a lot of feeling and who know maybe it will be on a hill in the neighbourhood of The Solitude, but then maybe the place should be called the Nearness?

” Lonely you can be strong and reach far, but together you are stronger and reach longer” /Heidi Andersson










Me, Heidi, my father Kent and my sohn Dante in the kitchen in my parents home in The Solitude.